Policy on Unpaid Items

You will have a 20 day period to complete payment for an item once you have gone through the Buy Now process.  Not paying for your items on repeated occasions after you have committed to buying could subject you to a range of disciplinary actions, including restrictions to your buying privileges and suspension or termination […]

Shill Purchases

Shill purchases means purchasing items with the sole intent to help increase the seller’s page/product ranking. Shill purchase is prohibited and this prohibition applies to anyone, including family, friends, employees, and online connections.  Please make sure you follow the guidelines below otherwise you may be subject to a range of disciplinary actions, including restrictions of […]

Rules About Communication

We encourage open communication between our members on AliExpress. However, your communication with sellers (whether via email, trade manager, community discussion boards or other methods) must not contain any of the following: SpammingWe don’t allow our members to send each other spam. «Spam» means an email (or part of an email) that is unsolicited in […]

Rules About Abusing The Buyer Protection Programs

If you have a problem with a purchase you made, you can let us know. However, we do not allow buyers to abuse the Buyer Protection Programs such as by:  Opening a case when you’ve already received a refund Opening a case as retaliation against a seller Making false claims against a seller Please make […]

Feedback Extortion

Please do not abuse the feedback system. One form of abuse is Feedback extortion. This means that you cannot threaten to leave a seller negative feedback for not doing something that was not part of the original product listing such as.  Goods or services that does not match the original item’s description or purchase price; […]

Feedback manipulation

Another type of abuse of the Feedback system is Feedback manipulation. This means that you are not allowed to manipulate Feedback or detailed seller ratings (DSRs) in any way. Aliexpress’ Feedback system allows members to rate each other after a transaction has been completed. Please make sure you follow the guidelines below when leaving Feedback […]

AliExpress Coupons Terms & Conditions

Updated October 24th, 2018 1.These AliExpress Coupons Terms& Conditions («Terms»)are applicable to all coupons issued by AliExpress.com or its merchants to registered buyer members of AliExpress (each a “Buyer”) for online purchases («Coupons») on the AliExpress.com website, AliExpress App(android and/or IOS), and/or AliExpress mobile site, including, without limitation, AliExpress Coupon(s), AliExpress Select Coupon(s) and Store Coupon(s).Coupons may be […]