AliExpress Coupons Terms & Conditions

Updated October 24th, 2018

1.These AliExpress Coupons Terms& Conditions («Terms»)are applicable to all coupons issued by or its merchants to registered buyer members of AliExpress (each a “Buyer”) for online purchases («Coupons») on the website, AliExpress App(android and/or IOS), and/or AliExpress mobile site, including, without limitation, AliExpress Coupon(s), AliExpress Select Coupon(s) and Store Coupon(s).Coupons may be subject to additional usage rules that may be stated on or attached to Coupons, or displayed in the relevant landing page or «MyCoupons» on

2.If not otherwise stipulated in the terms and conditions of sales and/or promotions, Coupons can be used one ligible purchases on AliExpress but cannot be used on (a) purchases on special promotional items such as those in Coupon Promotions, etc.; (b) cashback promotions. Some Coupons may be subject to activation or redemption prior to use.

3.Coupons may not be used for certain regions and/or products and/or shipping purposes as may be decided by AliExpressfrom time to time.

4.Coupons cannot be used to purchase value added services provided by merchants or third party suppliers on, including, without limitation, delivery services and warranty services. .

5.Coupons must be used within the validity period stated on or attached to the Coupon.

6.Buyers may return and/or request a refund on product(s) purchased using any Coupon according to AliExpress refund policies. If a buyer is entitled to a refund, the refund amount will not exceed the buyer’s cash payment (e.g. a US $5 coupon was used on a US $15order. Refunds will not exceed US $10). No new Coupon will be issued after the refund or return.

7.Store Coupons are incentives issued by merchants which may be used only on products listed in the respective merchants’ stores subject to additional usage rules of the merchants that maybe stated on or attached to Coupons, including, without limitation, the minimum spending requirement, period of validity.

8.In the case if a buyer receives AliExpress Coupons:

a)AliExpress Coupons cannot be combined. Only one AliExpress Coupon can be used per order.

b)AliExpress Coupons cannot be combined with other promotional offers, discounts, rebates, etc. 

c)If the amount of an AliExpress order is lower than the face value of an AliExpress Coupon, the difference will not be refunded. If an AliExpress Coupon has a minimum purchase requirement for an AliExpress Coupon, the amount of an AliExpress order must exceed the minimum purchase requirement of the AliExpress Coupon.

9.In case if a buyer receives AliExpress Select Coupons:

a)AliExpress Select Coupons can be used at participating store(s) in accordance with the minimum purchase requirement laid down by the respective merchant(s) (“Minimum Spending Requirement”). If participating merchant(s) allow Select Coupon(s) with value of US$10 to be used on an order of US$99 or above, then a buyer can use Select Coupons making up to US$10 in nominal value when he/she makes a purchase of products US$99 or more at the participating merchant(s)’store(s);

b)Select Coupon(s) can be used on items from different stores as long as the stores have the same Minimum Spending Requirement.

10.The redemptions of different offers by AliExpress and/or merchants’ stores on AliExpress will be processed in the following order:

a)store discounts

b)store coupons

c)AliExpress Select Coupons;

d)AliExpress Coupons.

e)Instant discount by AliExpress

11.This Coupons Terms &Conditions, Transaction Services Agreement for International Customers apply to all orders where Coupons are used. AliExpress reserves the right to cancel any order that violates any of the terms within these documents. AliExpres reserves the right to terminate a coupon promotion at anytime without prior notice. 

12.Coupons are not legal tender and are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash.

13.AliExpress reserves the right to modify the Terms from time to time without prior notice. In cases of dispute, AliExpress’s decisions are final.

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